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Palms and Awards

1972 -
"The plaquete of Honour" of the International Symposium, Arandelovac, Yugoslavia
1972 -
"The plaquete of Honour" at the Biennial, Naples, Italy
1972 -
Member of the International Academy of Cultures, Arts and Sciences at Pontzen, Italy
1973 -
"The annual Prize" of "Saptamâna" Magazine of Culture, Bucharest, Romania
1974 -
"Diploma of Merit" of the Academy of Pontzen, Italy
1975 -
"Palm d'or" of The Academy of Arts and Culture of Naples, Italy
1981 -
Plaquette and Medaille D'Or of the Repubilc of San Marino
1983 -
Medaille D'Oro and the Plaquette of Honour of the First Prize of the International Contestof Plastic Art "Nissidia D'Oro", Naples, Italy
1987 -
Emission of the Philatelic Stamp of "San Marino-Neutrality"
1992 -
Setting up "The Marcel Guguianu Foundation Bucharest - Washington"
1995 -
The Special Prize of the Romanian-American Academy for the sculpture "Ionel Jianu"
1995 -
Member of the Cultural Lobby of the World Bank, Washington;  "the statue of Skylark" become the Emblem of the Cultural Lobby of the World Bank,  Washington
1996 -
The modified copy of "Skylark" become the Prize Perpetuum ProVictoria for Cinema Contest
1997 -
"The Citizen of Honour" of Bârlad Municipium
1998 -
The Encyclopaedia of the Contemporary Romanian Artists
1999 -
"The Citizen of Honour" of Mehedinti County
"Diploma of Honour" of the Cultural League for the Unity of the Romanians from abroad
2004 -
"Outstanding intellectuals of the 21st century" International Biographical Centre - Cambridge, England
2006 -
"The Citizen of Honour" of Bucharest Municipium
2006 -
International Biographical Centre (IBC):
"Decree of Excellence"
"21st Century Award for Achievement"
"Global Year of Excellence"
"2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century"
"International Professional of the Year 2006"
"Member of the Research Comicil"
"Top 100 Artists"
"The Da Vinci Diamond"
2006 -
American Biographical Institute (ABI):
"World Lifetime Achievement Award"
"500 Greatest Geniuses of the 21st Century"
"Contemporary Who's Who of Professionals"
"Great Minds of the 21st Century"
"The Master Diploma With Honors"
"Man of the Year 2006"
"American Hall of Fame"
"Man of the Year - Collection 2001-2006"
"Order of American Ambassadors"
"The World Medal of Freedom"
"Great Minds of the 21st Century"
"Diploma of Fellowship"
"Presidential Seal"
"Order of International Ambassador"
2006 -
United Cultural Convention (UCC):
"Legion of Honor"
"Ambassador General"
"Lifetime Achievement Award"

The portrait of Marcel Guguianu - painted by Sabin Balasa